Summer is almost here, and you can tell that by the international numbers for Iron Man 3. The movie (which opens in less than a week stateside) has nearly cleared $200 Million internationally, which is nearly ten times what Pain and Gain made to top the box office in America.


Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 Pain and Gain $20,000,000 $6,103 $20,000,000
2 Oblivion $17,443,00 (-52.9) $4,600 $64,731,000
3 42 $10,725,000 (-39.5) $3,150 $69,079,000
4 The Big Wedding $7,500,000 $2,848 $7,500,000
5 The Croods $6,600,000 (-28.5)
$2,010 $163,025,000
6 G.I. Joe: Retaliation $3,620,000 (-37.2) $1,337 $116,396,000
7 Scary Movie 5 $3,457,000 (-43.8) $1,265 $27,494,000
8 Olympus Has Fallen $2,768,000 (-38.2) $1,186 $93,076,000
9 The Place Beyond the Pines $2,699,000 (-45.1) $1,704 $16,205,000
10 Jurassic Park 3D $2,310,000 (-43.0) $1,250 $42,000,000


That looks like a shaky $20 Million (round numbers are always suspicious), but with two million between it and number two, Michael Bay‘s latest film should remain the number one film in America. And that means that it continues his almost perfect streak of opening his pictures at number one (The Island is his sole flop, and sole film that didn’t take the top slot). With a $25 Million dollar budget, the film was engineered not to lose money, but as it’s likely that most of the A talent involved took back end deals, they’ll see money, but not piles and piles of it.

Oblivion doesn’t look like it’s going to make it’s budget back domestically — it might just limp to $100 here — but the international numbers are stronger so it should be a break even. 42 is a small success, but Warner Brothers knows that they won’t make much money internationally, so it too will be a break even.

The Big Wedding is a failure, and may not gross $20 Million domestic. The Croods should top out at $180, G.I. Joe will probably get to $130 Million, Olympus has Fallen may scrape it to $100 Million, and next weekend we’ll see if two films can make over $200 Million in their opening weekend.

Reality Check: I gave the new pictures two million in wiggle room, but otherwise, pretty close.

What did you watch this weekend?