Community – Angry and naked Dean Pelton

Last night’s Community got a little freaky. Some members of the group weren’t exactly themselves. “Basic Human Anatomy” was, in many ways, a tribute to Gary Nelson‘s 1976 flick Freaky Friday (or maybe the Lindsay Lohan one). The episode also dealt with Troy and Britta’s hardly-romantic relationship.

The Players:

  • Director: Beth McCarthy Miller
  • Writer: Jim Rash
  • Cast: Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, Yvette Nicole Brown, Donald Glover, Alison Brie, Chevy Chase, Ken Jeong, Jim Rash

Episode Title: “Basic Human Anatomy”

Annie and Shirley plot to steal Leonard’s status as class valedictorian. Troy and Abed re-enact a scene from a body switching film and accidentally end up switching bodies themselves.

The Good:

  • Jim Rash: Jim Rash, a.k.a. Dean Pelton, the episode and did an amazing job. The Freaky Friday tribute was strange at first (why that film exactly?) but once Troy’s dilemma was revealed, we realized a body-swap was the only way to deal with his situation. Rash got to the heart of the Britta and Troy problem. His impersonation of Jeff was spot-on. He was careless and sarcastic, and showed an impressive six-pack. So hey, here’s a crazy idea: How about we let Rash be an official part of Community‘s writing staff? He’s won an Oscar, is a great actor, and can deliver solid scripts.
  • The Breakup: Troy and Britta’s relationship has been a very odd thing. We never really understood it. Finally, the writers dealt with it head-on, but only to break it off. Troy used the Freaky Friday ploy to hide his true feeling about the relationship, letting Abed deal with it instead. It was sweet of Abed to handle a problem that wasn’t his, but ultimately, we wanted Troy to grow a pair and face Britta himself, which he did. However, we commend both Troy and Abed for their commitment to the bit. It had us thinking they actually did switch bodies.
  • Impersonations: As stated above, the Dean’s impersonation of Jeff was impeccable, but Troy and Abed deserve some praise. Their imitations of each other just prove that they’re the best of friends. They have each others mannerisms down!

Best Lines:

  • “What we need to figure out is Greendale’s obsession with group assignments. Classic herd mentality.” –Britta

The Bad:

  • Freaky Friday Tribute: We don’t understand why Community didn’t just go for a full-blown Freaky Friday tribute. It would’ve been fun to see the whole group switch bodies, don’t you think? The fact that it was only a few of them, made the episode feel insufficient.


We would’ve liked to see a full body swap, we really enjoyed “Basic Human Anatomy.” The Dean, Troy and Abed gave great performances. We also appreciated the closure of Britta and Troy’s relationship. Now they (and we) can move on. Britta can go date someone else, and Troy can spend more time with his boyfriend best friend.

Rating: 8/10

Community airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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