Scream 4 - Ghostface Close Up

Continuing the franchise’s ongoing decline (though part 4 was far better than part 3), the Scream films are now becoming an MTV television series.  What was once a fresh, meta-take on the nature of slasher films and how they become exploited by studios into predictable, undying franchises in order to make a buck has now become exactly that, and will be joining the ranks of MTV’s Teen Wolf.

/Film is reporting that MTV (insert your own “they don’t play music anymore” joke here) is now set to produce a pilot episode based on the Scream films, with a premiere date set for sometime next summer.

The series began with the Kevin Williamson-penned, Wes Craven-directed dark slasher satire in 1996, generated a solid sequel, then a terrible third film, and a so-so fourth, as Miramax continued to drag the series on and on and on.  And following the crash and burn box office of the fourth film, television is the next natural place to take the franchise (since, you know, it can’t be allowed to die with any dignity left).

MTV is set to “reinvent” the films with the TV series, though an exact concept has not yet been locked own.  What is known is that Craven is currently in negotiations to direct the hour-long pilot, and that Williamson will not be involved (not exactly a good sign, as the worst entry into the franchise—Scream 3—was the only script that Williamson did not write).

What direction do you think the Scream series should take?

Source: /Film