Ah, modern movie marketing—there’s nothing quite like it, as studios now feel the need to insult the intelligence of any modern film viewer by more less pumping every single scene of an upcoming film onto the internet, unleashing a torrent of spoilers and leaving nothing to the imagination of ticket buyers.  Now, while Star Trek Into Darkness hasn’t been that bad (look to Iron Man 3 as the primary sinner this year), as they’ve teased the “is the bad guy Khan?” thing for nearly a year now, the newest clip from the film appears to indicate the Klingons finally show up in the rebooted franchise, and they give away the ending to a big chase scene.

In the sequence below, Kirk, Spock, and Uhura are zooming about inside a little pod, and hot on their collective tail is a ship that looks suspiciously like a Klingon bird of prey.  It’s a fun little chase, despite being completely CGI and thus have zero depth whatsoever, but then the clip goes and on and on and spoils the ending, which seems to be against the whole point of marketing the scene in the first place—wouldn’t Paramount want the ending to be a surprise that people would pay to go see, rather than resolving it in a one-minute clip?

So there you go.  Star Trek Into Darkness is set for a May 17th release date.

What do you think of the clip?

Source: AOL