As we head into the summer season, we’re starting to see some 2013 releases hitting DVD and Blu-ray just as some of the last films from 2012 are hitting the format. It’s an okay week for releases, but it’s hard to get super excited about any of the new films. Check it out…


  • Cheech & Chong’s Animated Movie: It would probably be too sad to watch Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong go through the motions now that they’re senior citizens, and they’re forgetful pot-inspired antics could just be seen as Alzheimer’s, but there are probably a couple laughs to be found in their animated attempts to return to form.
  • Gangster Squad: This film was kicked around the schedule because of tragedy, and was dumped in January, where it died a quick death. Ryan Gosling, Josh Brolin and Sean Penn star in this attempt to recreate what made The Untouchables so great. It looks like they missed.
  • A Haunted House: With Scary Movie 5 in the theaters, now you can compare and contrast different approaches to the satire genre, or perhaps just burn this movie in the pyre and forget it ever existed.
  • The Impossible: Though Naomi Watts earned an Oscar nomination for this film, it was an Oscar film that wasn’t, and never clicked with mainstream audiences. A down on the ground look at a family coping with a disaster, it was deemed powerful and also perhaps racist for focusing on a white family during this specific tragedy.
  • Promised Land: Gus Van Sant re-teamed with Matt Damon, who wrote the script with John Krasinski, for this story about the dangers of fracking. Though there is excellent character work throughout, the message is delivered with thudding obviousness, which is probably why it was ignored during award season.


  • The Great Gatsby: In anticipation of the remake, Warners has released this earlier attempt at filming F. Scott Fitzgerald’s great American novel. It too had a great cast of famous actors, and failed to capture the book. Perhaps it will serve as an interesting compare and contrast with the new version.
  • Jurassic Park – 3D: Though the film is still in theaters, the home 3D version is coming quick because they had no idea how well the reissue would do.
  • Pierre Etaix, Richard III: This week Criterion is releasing the films of French comedian Pierre Etaix, and he’s a wonderfully loopy French filmmaker who straddles the line between abject silliness and chaplin-esque understanding of pacing and slapstick. Then there’s Laurence Olivier’s Richard III, and it’s one of his best adaptations of Shakespeare. Classics all.

What are you picking up this week?