Dexter is one of the more unfortunate modern cable dramas in recent history—launching with a novel premise (a sociopathic serial killer whose adoptive father instills in him a “code” which only allows him to murder other murderers), the series had a solid first season, a great second one, and a pretty good third.  Then, the show’s propensity for constantly hitting the “reset” button at the end of every season, negating every major change so that the status quo could barely alter, began to set it, and Michael C. Hall’s blank and redundant voiceover narration blanketed the show with eye-crossingly obvious commentary.

But it made money, so Showtime kept dragging the show on, prolonging the moment when Dexter’s loved ones would finally learn the truth about him.  Until now, that is, as the upcoming eighth season will be the last, and those close to Dexter are finally realizing who he is… and then word got out that Showtime is considering a spinoff.  Because of course they are.

As /Film notes, Dexter executive producer Manny Coto had previously suggested that perhaps Dexter would receive a feature film after the series ended; now, it appears “there are all sorts of possibilities” for the show to receive a spinoff instead, stating that “all kinds of ideas have been discussed but there is nothing happening right now…this season is about this season playing out the trajectory of the Dexter character.”

Translation?  We all have at least another year before Showtime continues to beat a dead horse by dragging auxiliary Dexter characters into their own bad TV shows.

What do you think of the Dexter news?

Source: /Film