oblivion-6With one picture opening this weekend, it seemed inevitable that Oblivion would nab the top spot. And — no surprise — that’s exactly what happened. But summer’s not so far away, so it’s a smaller victory in the scheme of things.

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 Oblivion $38,152,000 $10,085 $38,152,000
2 42 $18,025,000 (-34.4%) $5,546 $54,057,000
3 The Croods $9,500,000 (-27.6%) $2,766 $154,898,000
4 Scary Movie 5 $6,296,000 (-55.5%) $1,851 $22,944,000
5 G.I. Joe: Retaliation $5,775,000 (-47.0%)
$1,819 $111,211,000
6 The Place Beyond the Pines $4,746,000 (+22.8%) $3,078 $11,448,000
7 Olympus Has Fallen $4,500,000 (-37.9%) $1,706 $88,801,000
8 Evil Dead $4,100,000 (-56.8%) $1,452 $48,445,000
9 Jurassic Park 3D $4,008,000 (-54.8%) $1,720 $38,479,000
10 Oz the Great and Powerful $3,048,000 (-37.3%) $1,490 $223,770,000

Oblivion opened just shy of $40 Million, but — perhaps more importantly — is at $150 Million worldwide. With a reported $120 Million budget, it’s going to take international for the film to make money, but right now it’s on a good track to pull that off. It should make something around $100 Million domestic, which would definitely put it in the profitable range as long as there is still money to be made overseas.

42 held strong, and could be on the path to making a quiet nine figures. That’s the best possible result for a film like this, though it’s going to be facing waves of competition over the next couple weeks. If can get into May somewhere near $80 Million, they might try to hold it around to get it over that hump. The Croods is also holding strong and though it may not have enough juice to get over $200 Million, it’s going to try.

Scary Movie 5 sunk pretty quick, while G. I. Joe is going to get to $130-ish when it’s all said and done. The Place Beyond the Pines went wide this weekend, and if audiences react well (if it didn’t peak this weekend), then a $20-$30 Million total isn’t out of the question. Evil Dead‘s going to struggle to get to $60 Million, but it might get there (depends how many screens they lose), while Oz is going to make over a half billion worldwide, which makes it a modest success (the gravy train there will be the afterlife on home video).

Reality Check: I went a little higher on the older pictures, but everything was in ballpark, which makes me feel good.

What did you watch this weekend?