The endless speculation as to whether or not Benedict Cumberbatch’s “John Harrison” character is really the classic Star Trek villain Khan shows no sign of abating, and this newest viral video on behalf of Star Trek Into Darkness’ PR campaign is not helping matters.  In it, Harrison leaves a cranky message about his personal dislike for Kirk in the cool, measured tones of a certain genetic superman who had a major wrath of the starship captain.

At this point, though, the whole is-he or isn’t-he question has gotten stale: if it isn’t Khan, then the ambiguity surrounding his identity is just going to feel like a manipulative PR stunt to corral fans into theaters, only to be disappointed by a bland new villain, as was the case with the 2009 Star Trek.  If it is Khan, those very same fans are more than likely just going to be annoying that the classic (and best) villain from the original series is being tampered with and rewritten.  It seems lose-lose either way.  But hey, don’t forget the viral vid:

So, is it Khan?  Is it not?  Does it even matter anymore?

Star Trek Into Darkness opens in IMAX theaters on May 15, and all other theaters on May 17.

What do you think of the video?

Source: Movie Clips