While all of you comic book fans are getting super excited for Thor: The Dark World or Captain America: The Winter Soldierwe’re looking farther into Marvel‘s future. We’re referring to James Gunn‘s upcoming sci-fi adventure flick Guardians of the Galaxy, which is set to begin filming soon. So before they start rolling film on this production, the director sat down to reveal a couple of cool points about the new movie.

We should first look at the kind of cast they’ve wrangled up so far for Guardians of the Galaxy which includes Chris Pratt, Dave Bautista, Michael Rooker and Zoe Saldana. While he didn’t really say too much about most of the cast, he’s obviously beaming with happiness over his decision to bring Chris Pratt on as our leader Star-Lord:

“I was very specific that I wanted it to be somebody really extraordinary. I really had Robert Downey Jr. in mind a lot. You had this guy who came in and he inhabited Tony Stark, when you first saw Tony Stark he blew your mind, you couldn’t believe what you were seeing. I knew that I needed somebody to blow my mind like that. We saw a lot of very famous guys for the role, a lot of very well-known people, and very, very good actors. We saw a lot of good performances, but it wasn’t until Chris came in and he read and I was like, ‘oh my God’, this guy has his own, very particular, amazing take on the character that blew my mind, blew me away. Then I thought, this is the first guy I could see sharing the screen with Robert Downey Jr. and giving him a run for his money.”

But what should we really expect from the upcoming film? We’re dealing with a rag-tag superhero team out in the middle of space. We’re not entirely sure what to compare Guardians of the Galaxy to, but some people did it for us by comparing it to Star Wars. That may not be entirely true, as James Gunn responds to the comparison:

“I do think we’re very, very different from Star Wars. Some of the concept art that came out is under my tutelage, and some of it is before my tutelage. The concept art that came out is only stuff that was on the big Marvel collected disc set, talking about phase two and it had some stuff from Guardians. Some of the art by Charlie Wen and the guys. The Rocket Raccoon that was by itself was an early version of my Rocket that I dealt with Charlie when developing. He doesn’t look so much like that anymore, but there’s a lot of similarities in that he’s more of a grounded, real little creature as opposed to a cartoonish thing.”

You can read the rest of the interview here, and keep your eyes out for more Guardians of the Galaxy news as the film heads into production.

Do you think Guardians of the Galaxy will be better than previous Marvel movies?

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