Errors of the Human Body

Errors Of The Human Body is disguised as a scientific thriller. There’s mice and labs and mad scientists in white robes. But in his feature-length debut, Eron Sheean barely explores the scientific. Michael Eklund plays the genius genetics researcher, Dr. Geoff Burton, who intends to find a cure for a rare disease, but instead gets caught up in a love triangle with his former student and her creepy lab partner.

The Players:

  • Director: Eron Sheean
  • Writers: Shane Danielsen, Eron Sheean
  • Cast: Michael Eklund, Karoline Herfurth, Tómas Lemarquis, Rik Mayall
  • Cinematography: Anna Howard
  • Music: Anthony Pateras

The Plot:

Dr. Geoff Burton, a brilliant Genetics researcher, is invited to a lab in Dresden, only to discover a lethal virus is being created, which he may have unintentionally caused and be its first victim. This mystery is set against Dr. Burton trying to find redemption and peace from a past haunted by the death of his infant son.

The Good:

  • The Acting: Sheean assembled a cast that was able to deliver great, weird performances. Michael Eklund, who looks a lot like Ethan Hawke, is perfectly cast as Dr. Burton. He’s intense and angry, and totally delirious. He does the best with what he’s given and offers a sick portrait of a suffering man. Tomas Lemarquis and Karoline Herfurth round out the cast, and they’re magnificent in their respective roles. Lemarquis is creepy and obssessive, like Gollum from Lord Of the Rings. Herfurth, on the other hand, is beautiful and mysterious. She might be little, but she delivers the drama and intensity that’s required of her.
  • The Score: Kudos to Anthony Pateras for that electrifying score. The music is often more terrifying than the images of bloody mice.

The So-So:

  • Suspense Built-Up: There’s a lot of suspenseful moments, filled with horror and chilling music. But when the drama starts to unfold, the built-up suspense doesn’t deliver the goods. The scenes cut away too early, and we’re left wondering what we were so amped up about.
  • The Story: At the beginning of the film, it’s assumed that Geoff is a brilliant scientist who is going to make some fantastic discoveries that will leave us all in awe. We soon find out that that’s not the case, and that’s the main flaw of the film. This could have been a compelling tale of mad scientists fighting to discover a cure for a rare disease. Sheean had the goods to make a horrific, science thriller, but instead, he focuses on a melodramatic story about old lovers and former mistakes. The love drama is compelling (don’t get us wrong), but not enough.


Though Errors Of The Human Body doesn’t deliver the scientific thrills, the performances are worth watching. If you’re a fan of filmmakers like David Cronenberg, then you’ll probably appreciate what Errors has to offer.

The Rating: 6/10

Errors Of The Human Body hits VOD and select theaters on April 19.


Will you be seeing Errors Of The Human body this weekend?