Ilan Mitchell Smith in Weird Science 3

Did you ever sit down to watch the 1985 hit John Hughes comedy Weird Science, briefly pause, and think to yourself: “I mean, I want to watch a film with this basic premise, but only if it could take place 30 years later, star some combination of Michael Cera, Jonah Hill, Seth Rogan, and/or Channing Tatum, and feature slightly riskier language and possible nudity”?  Well, if you did, then today is your day, as Deadline reports that Weird Science is getting the inevitable remake treatment that all films made prior to 1995 are obligated to receive.

Universal Pictures and Silver Pictures are teaming up to give the classic comedy about two nerds who scientifically engineer a perfect woman a remake, and there’s nothing we, humanity, can do to stop it.  The movement is being spearheaded by producer Joel Silver, who also produced the original for Universal nearly 30 years ago.

While Weird Science is just a silly little comedy, some may look at this as a form of sacrilege, as this is a John Hughes movie—after all, the man made a beloved series of films (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Pretty in Pink, etc).  But the remake is happening nonetheless, and will be written by Michael Bacall (Project X, the 21 Jump Street remake).  No word yet on who will direct.

The film is already set for an R-rating, so as to hopefully replicate the success of 21 Jump Street.

What do you think of the Weird Science remake news?