Ryan Gosling may not have a lot of hits under his belt (his biggest films have been Crazy, Stupid, Love. and The Notebook), but he’s definitely an in-demand movie star, and so it’s great to see that he’s returned to work with Nicholas Windin Refn. The last time the duo collaborated, we got Drive, and now they’re back together for Only God Forgives, and like the last time, they’re going to Cannes.

With the announcement this morning of the films in competition, Refn and Gosling are returning to France to premiere their latest endeavor, which will likely inform many Halloween costumes this year if Drive is any indication. Though we don’t see any costumes that are as repeatable in these two new trailers, it just feels like a given. There’s also a new poster for the film:


Which says that the film comes out July 19, so that means it will be in America sooner rather than later (unless this is an international poster, and then, well, who’s to say). These two trailers were done for the international markets, so one features subtitles, but the premise of the movie comes into focus. Gosling plays a man who’s brother is murdered by a corrupt policeman, and his mother (Kristin Scott Thomas) wants revenge. And it looks like that leads to some fighting, hand to hand style. What’s also notable is the music, which has a great Euro-trash, mid-eighties feel. Here are those trailers:

Were you a fan of Drive?