Just a couple of days ago the internet was swept off their feet by the latest trailer for Zack Snyder‘s new movie Man of Steel. Even people on the fence, including myself, have to admire how incredibly badass the film looks right now. Since we’re still all wiping the drool off of our mouths from the latest trailer, Warner Bros revealed some concept art posters that make us even more excited for the upcoming superhero film.

There’s a lot going on with Man of Steel already from a glance at the latest trailer. We’re looking right back at the origin of Superman which many of us hope won’t last too long. We’re also dealing with a Superman (Henry Cavill) who’s trying to hide away from the world and I guess not too many people like him at this point, or understand him since he’s shown in handcuffs. I bet you those aren’t even Kryptonite-covered handcuffs. Superman is such a nice guy that he’ll wear the puny human handcuffs in order to amuse them. But still, we want to know more of what’s going on with Superman.

Okay, let me explain what’s going on with these pictures below. These are official concept art posters that are being used as marketing materials in anticipation for Man of Steel. There are a ton of cool selections to choose from, including the opportunity to have a really pissed off Michael Shannon, who plays General Zod, over your chest. Check out a couple of the pictures below, and you can look at the entire list here.

What are you looking forward to seeing the most in Man of Steel?

Source: Cinema Blend