In its initial run, Star Wars came out once every three years from 1977-1983. And though George Lucas suggested it was the start of a nine-part series, it took sixteen years for him to make the first prequel. The prequel series was three films that ran from 1999 -2005.  Now that Disney owns the rights, we’re not only going to be getting chapters VII-IX to the Star Wars series, we’ll also be getting spin-off movies, and Disney just promised that we’ll be getting a new Star Wars movie every year, starting in 2015.

That’s the news out of CinemaCon (as Coming Soon reported), and it confirms all the stories we’ve been hearing about spin-off movies. It’s possible that it will take six years to get to the end of the new trilogy, but in the meantime, there will be those films about side characters. Patton Oswalt will be on Parks and Recreation this week, and offered a filibuster version of his take on Episode 7.


Bravo. When Disney bought Star Wars they definitely had the engine ready to mass produce titles, and that’s the way they’re going because (at least right now) they can safely spend $200-$300 Million on productions and know that they’ll make a profit. Even if the films don’t all connect, between ancillary sales and merchandising they will surely make money because it’s Star Wars. And though they have been smart about who they hire to work on these films, and it’s likely that some very exciting filmmakers will get to play in this sandbox, there’s also something incredibly depressing about how old stuff is being endlessly recycled because of its name value. Basically, everything you loved as a kid is being re-imagined and updated and it’s never going away.

What spin-off movie do you most want to see?