You can’t say that there isn’t any sort of shortage when it comes to comic book movie news. Not only is Marvel in the middle of filming Captain America: The Winter Soldierbut there could be some serious development going on in the world of Doctor Strange. There’s going to be a number of happy fanboys/fangirls out there once they read up some more on what’s going on in the Marvel front.

First, let’s talk about Doctor Strange, the mystical Marvel character that’s been rumored to get his own movie at some point during Phase 3 of their monster plan. The idea of Marvel making a movie about him has been going around for awhile, but nothing else has really blossomed so much on that front, until a new batch of rumors surfaced today. The first is that Evil Dead reboot director Fede Alvarez could be taking on directorial duties for Doctor Strange. Although the filmmaker has denied it, you never know. And now it’s rumored that Justin Theroux could not only pen the script for Doctor Strange but play the Marvel character himself. While the writer/actor has neither confirmed or denied these rumors, we honestly wouldn’t mind seeing him put on that big old cape.

Now onto the second part of the Marvel news, the first big old batch of set pictures from Captain America: The First Avenger. We finally get a good glimpse of Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) in his newly altered garb and Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) walking around on set too. This is making us giddy with excitement. Go on, check out the pictures below, along with a concept art drawing over what Captain America’s new suit should look like.


Do you think Justin Theroux would be a good fit for Doctor Strange?

Source: Slashfilm / Slashfilm