Breaking Bad Season 5

Just to make us squirm a little longer, AMC has officially announced that one of its three crown jewels (the others being Mad Men and The Walking Dead) will be returning this summer, as planned… but about a month later than was expected: the premiere date for the final stretch of Breaking Bad episodes will be August 11th.  Not only that, Breaking Bad will be getting a Talking Dead-styled post-show discussion program.

While the last two seasons of Breaking Bad have received July premieres (/Film notes season 1 launched in January, while 2 and 3 began in March), the final half of the series’ fifth season will launch on August 11, forcing us all to sit for yet another month, pulling out tufts of hair and wondering if Walter White will get away with it all or go down in a bloody blaze.

Not only does the final leg of Breaking Bad come with a slight delay, it will also come packaged with its very own talk show.  Just like The Walking Dead’s post-episode Talking Dead discussion program, Breaking Bad will come with the hourlong Talking Bad.  It’s a little bit of overkill, but AMC seems determined to wring everything it can from this final bit of Breaking Bad before it leaves the air.

Will you be watching the final season of Breaking Bad?