Pitch Perfect – The Bellas

You can start with the title jokes now (“Pitch-er Perfect?”) because last fall’s surprise hit Pitch Perfect is getting a sequel from Universal, with a proposed release date of 2015. This comes from today’s CinemaCon presentation where Universal revealed that they brought back the original writer Kay Cannon.

Unfortunately, they didn’t mention anyone else coming back. Actress Elizabeth Banks produced the film, so it seems very likely that she will be back, and word has been that some cast members have been met with, including Rebel Wilson. Wilson staged a little Pitch Perfect reunion at this year’s MTV Movie Awards, but unfortunately their leading lady Anna Kendrick was off shooting a movie at the time, which may be why the presentation feels a little downplayed. They don’t announce the reunion, maybe because getting some of the less well known cast to come back is almost a given, and — really — how hard is it to stage a reunion seven months after a film has been released? Here’s the MTV Movie awards clip of the reunion.


Pitch Perfect 2 shouldn’t require any major special effects so it should be an easy film to shoot, but Universal has a decision to make: Bring back the whole cast for a new set of adventures, or pick one (or maybe two) standout performers to keep going. As it’s about a college group of singers, it’s very easy to write people out via transfers flunking or graduation. The first film was formulaic to a fault, but definitely winning, so we wouldn’t mind a sequel. We’ll keep you up to date on this one.

What would you cal Pitch Perfect 2?