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More than any other film released in recent memory, Marvel’s Iron Man 3 has had seemingly every aspect of its plot spoiled by various leaks, interviews, and officially released media (trailers, teasers, viral ads, etc.), coming to the point that at least 75% of the film could be constructed via all of the released material.  And, as if that weren’t enough, the post-credits scene—now a tradition in all Marvel films—has leaked as well.  Spoilers ahead, kids.

Seriously, some spoilers ahead.  Don’t complain after reading beyond this point, ok?

So here’s what happened: Latino Review, a site making the quite the career out of grabbing comic book movie spoilers, had “spies” in attendance at the Iron Man 3 premiere in Paris over the weekend, and those spies reported back that Iron Man 3 does indeed, like its predecessors, contain and post-credits scene/ cameo.  And that cameo belongs to…

Mark Ruffalo, a.k.a., Dr. Bruce Banner, a.k.a., the incredible Hulk.

Now, before you get too excited, know that the cameo features Banner only—the big green guy does not make an appearance.  Moreover, Tony Stark is also in the scene, now we know he makes it out of the film in one piece.  LR has the spoilers:

It starts with a close shot of Tony Stark on a couch talking about his various traumas, obviously he’s talking to someone, as if he was seeing a shrink, the tone of the scene is light and supposedly funny. Then we discover that the person he’s talking to is Bruce Banner/Mark Ruffalo, who fell asleep because of Tony’s boring story. Tony remarks that Banner has been sleeping during the most part of his story and yells at him, and Banner just mumbles and says “You know, I’m not that kind of doctor!” Then Tony recalls another memory and resumes his monologue, and then we see Banner starting to fall asleep again.

Cute, but not exactly all that interesting.  Anyone expecting a big Avengers 2 moment will be more than a little disappointed.

What do you think of the scene?

Source: Latino Review