In a shocking upset, it appears people actually did turn out for 42, and skipped Scary Movie 5. Audiences having taste? It happens. Sometimes.

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 42 $27,250,000 $9.074 $27,250,000
2 Scary Movie 5 $15,153,000 $4,454 $15,153,000
3 The Croods $13,200,000 (-36.1) $3,578 $142,524,000
4 G.I. Joe: Retaliation $10,800,000 (-48.3) $3,055 $102,426,000
5 Evil Dead $9,500,000 (-63.1)
$3,140 $41,500,000
6 Jurassic Park 3D $8,820,000 (-52.6) $3,175 $31,929,000
7 Olympus Has Fallen $7,283,000 (-28.3) $2,481 $81,890,000
8 Oz the Great and Powerful $4,923,000 (-38.5) $1,966 $219,444,000
9 Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor $4,500,000 (-55.4) $2,493 $45,422,000
10 The Place Beyond the Pines $4,080,000 (+480.1) $7,983 $5,455,000


Early Friday numbers suggested that 42 might pull ahead this weekend, and the film surprised expectations by not only being the number one film of the weekend, but also netting well above $20 Million. That’s a very happy ending for a film that could have easily fallen by the wayside. But it seems the film hit at the right time, and audiences celebrated the career of one of baseball’s greats.

The Scary Movie franchise is pretty much done at this point, but considering how much the film’s cost, it’s possible that even with this weak showing that the film will eventually turn a profit. But the film will make around $40 Million or less, so it’s a barely break even, at that.

The Croods is holding strong, so it is possible it could coast over $200 Million, but that’s all about the long play at this point. Evil Dead fell like a horror movie, but that’s to be expected. Maybe it gets to $60 Million domestically, maybe. Jurassic Park has had a healthy reissue, but between Oblivion taking over its Imax screens, and a quick Blu-ray turnaround, it may not get to $40 Million. The big thing is that summer’s almost here. And though there are some summer-esque movies in the next two weeks, we’re kind of waiting for Iron Man at this point.

Reality Check: I didn’t think audiences would be there for 42, so I was happily proved wrong.

What did you watch this weekend?