Well, if a movie could be wrenched from the Battleship board game (horrible, horrible, horrible movie though it may be), I suppose it makes some kind of sense that the spooky little Danish Troll dolls—those Kramer-haired oddities that were born in 1959, were big in the 1960s, and then had an inexplicable resurgence in 1980s—could somehow be given their own film and TV series franchise.  Oh, and in other news, the universe is a vast, cruel expanse of darkness and is wholly and totally devoid of meaning.

The rights to the odd little Trolls have now been sold to DreamWorks Animation, according to /Film.  In turn, DreamWorks Animation has tapped Shawn Dennis, the senior vice president of American Girl marketing, to develop the property into a media franchise.  Dennis will “oversee” the Troll doll franchise, as well as “other brands” under the DreamWorks Animation umbrella.

Dennis said as much in a press release, in which several of the disturbing Trolls stared at him in eerie silence, forcing his hand:

Trolls is one of those rare, proven and universally adored brands. There is incredible potential here to engage kids across multiple platforms in a way that is fun, enduring and meaningful. It is truly an amazing opportunity to be able to re-launch a brand like this one.

No word yet on when the Troll invasion of our TV sets and movie theaters will begin.

What do you think about the Troll doll movie news?

Source:  /Film