Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus are the two masterminds behind Captain America: The First AvengerWhen they teamed up with director Joe Johnston to make the movie on the all-American superhero, it was the perfect combination. After the success of the first film, Marvel looked at the writing duo to continue working their magic on Phase 2 of their grand master movie plan, which includes their upcoming films (Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Thor: The Dark Worldtying into The Avengers 2.

Recently the writing duo took time out for an interview with /Film, in which they discussed how they may be intertwining Captain America’s world into The Avengers 2. What kind of frustrates us is how vague it sounds for the time being, but we understand why. Here’s a little bit of what they said about the project.

Stephen McFeelyKevin [Feige] is the dungeon master, so if there’s something we really need to know, he’ll tell us, but he doesn’t steer us. With rare exceptions does he say “We can’t do that because of this next movie.” More often than not he’ll say “Let’s get this movie right and whatever falls out after that,we’ll address in the next movie. We’ll make sure that we don’t steer that movie in the wrong direction.”

Christopher Markus: And more often than not, when you’re thinking of the movies as a whole, it’s “What do you want the state of the world to be when Avengers 2 kicks off?” It’s never like, Cap has to put down a briefcase so the Hulk can pick it up. It’s never that specific. It’s sort of like, “Where do you want loyalties to lie when that movie opens?”

At the same time they had a little bit of input in regards to how Thor: The Dark World was written out. While they’re ultimately unsure as to how much of their script made it into the final draft, they still helped out. Either way we’ll be seeing more of their work fairly soon. The duo wrote Michael Bay’s latest non-Transformers movie, Pain and Gain, which is due out in theaters at the end of this month. Now we want to find out even more about Captain America: The Winter Soldier, especially since it’ll be tied into The Avengers 2. We want more pictures, and soon!

Are you excited for Thor: The Dark World and Captain America: The Winter Soldier?

Source: Slashfilm