The Walking Dead

The third season of The Walking Dead is now behind us, and we can all agree that said season was the most intense of them all. Every episode was chock-full of awesome zombie killing, and a number of interesting new characters were introduced. But now that it’s over, let’s take a step back. And though the death toll was sky high (in a zombie world casualties are unavoidable), and the season finale offered some closure, but it was far from completely satisfying. Some of us are still reeling over “Welcome to the Tombs.” Alas, we no choice but to wait for the show to come back in October. But now that we have some distance, let’s look at the best and the worst of the most recent season.

Note: There’s a whole lot of spoilers in this thing, so beware if you haven’t finished season three of The Walking Dead. 

The Worst

5. Underdevelopment Of Tyreese

The Walking Dead – Underdevelopment of Tyreese

Fans of the comics know that Tyreese is a very important character. He plays a key role in the books; and is a key character in the lives of the people at the prison. He even becomes Michonne’s love interest. But it saddens us to say that his role in the TV series is extremely underdeveloped. We know very little about him, and that might change in the next season, but as of now, we’re hardly invested in his survival.

4. Carl’s Loss Of Humanity

The Walking Dead – Carl's Loss Of Humanity

Carl has had the unfortunate luck of growing up in an unstable world where zombies roam free, killing the people you love most. He was shot during season two, and had to mercy kill his own mother in season three. He’s growing up fast, and learning from the mistakes of others. During “Welcome To The Tombs,” Carl shoots a young boy soldier in the head without any hesitation. Whether the boy was a threat or not is up for debate, but it’s troubling to see Carl lose his humanity. Rick isn’t getting the award for father of the year any time soon. But one of the things he has done well, is show his son that it’s still important to value life in a barbaric world. And we wish that came across more in his son.

3. The Prisoners

The Walking Dead – The Prisoners

At the beginning of the season, the group discovered that they were not the only ones occupying the prison. They were shocked to find five living prisoners, and as a result, a new conflict was introduced. Rick would have to deal with these men. But instead of stretching out this storyline (as is done in the books), the writers quickly killed off most of the prisoners. Problem solved. Then again, that seemed to be the solution for a lot of storylines in season three – death.

2. Andrea’s Death

The Walking Dead – Andrea's Death

How is it possible for someone as tough as Andrea to die at the hands of one (ONE!) zombie? She is a survivor, yet instead of freeing herself with the pliers Milton provided for her, she’s yapping about days gone by. It’s just not like her to sit there and do nothing while there’s a person dying in front of her. We get that the writers just wanted to kill her off, but even someone as hated as Andrea deserved a better death. Also, we didn’t appreciate that her death was such a huge part of the finale.

1.  In Cold Blood

The Walking Dead – In Cold Blood

After the prison raid, the Governor kills all but two of his soldiers. Even in a zombie world, this doesn’t make sense. We get that Martinez and the other guy were terrified when they saw The Governor kill their friends and family, but to stand there and do nothing? That’s just illogical. These two had guns in their hands, and the governor was busy killing other people. They could’ve ended the slaughter with one shot to his head. But that would’ve been too easy right? Now this mad man is on the loose and who knows what kind of mayhem he’ll cause next season. (This makes us miss the time when the zombies were the villains.)

The Best

5. Merle’s Moment Of Redemption

The Walking Dead – Merle's Moment Of Redemption

Merle’s moment of redemption was bittersweet. Before he left the prison for the last time, Carol asked him if he was really on their side. But Merle was never going to feel like a part of the group. So instead of joining them, he went on a suicide mission into the Governor’s barn and shot as many of his soldiers as possible. His death was brutal, but very meaningful. It would’ve been nice to see him integrate into the group (after all, they could’ve used his skills), but his redemption was beautiful. It was one of the few moments that did feel satisfying.

4. Morgan’s Alive

The Walking Dead – Morgan's Alive

One of the best episodes of the last season was “Clear,” which re-introduced us to Lennie James’ Morgan. He saved Rick’s life in the very first episode, but we hadn’t seen him since. Sadly, his life is now empty. He lost his whole family and now lives alone, surrounded by booby traps. The zombie world has made him crazy to the point that he can’t remember who’s alive or dead. It was nice to see him again, but he did more than just put a smile on our face. He showed us what Rick’s life would’ve been like had he not found his family. For a second there, Rick was also losing it too, but seeing Morgan made him realize that he still has something worth fighting for.

3. Hide And Go Hunt

The Walking Dead – Hide And Go Hunt

The Governor and Andrea play an intense and violent game of hide and go seek. Philip hunts her in an old warehouse, terrifying her with his creepy whistling. To their surprise, however, they find they are not alone. They’re walkers all over the place. To save herself, Andrea lets all the zombies loose, letting them attack the man she once loved. It’s all very intense and tragic (you know, because they were once lovers).

2. Michonne’s Many Badass Moments

The Walking Dead – Michonne's A Badass

Michonne is our favorite new character. Sorry Daryl! She is such a badass. The best moments belong to her and her ninja sword. She becomes The Governor’s most dangerous enemy by killing his zombie daughter and then stabbing him in the eye. And although she doesn’t make a good first impression with Rick and the group, she eventually wins her place by impressing Carl with her warrior-woman skills. We can’t wait to see more of her in the next season.

1. Taking The Prison

The Walking Dead – Taking The Prison

The group has come a long way since their days at the farm. Remember when Hershel had a barn full of walkers, thinking they were real people? Seems like ages ago, doesn’t it? When they take the prison at the beginning of the season, they’re all killing zombies left and right. And doing it without guns. Every kill was intense, and it showed us just how badass Rick’s group had become.

What was your favorite moment of season 3?