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While the movie gods have seen fit to basically drop every possible Iron Man 3 and The Wolverine  spoiler possible upon eager comic book movie fans, there hasn’t been much more than a whisper of details coming from the ultimate superhero film, Man of Steel (and by “ultimate” we simply mean the biggest superhero, so don’t get all pouty, The Dark Knight Trilogy fans).  But that’s starting to change, as Entertainment Weekly has just dropped a new issue featuring Superman on the cover, with a wealth of new images and even a few spoilers inside.

Entertainment Weekly (via /Film) is now offering a host of new images from the new Zack Snyder film, including a shot of a crazed Michael Shannon as the film’s big bad, General Zod, Amy Adams and Laurence Fishburne as Lois Lane and Perry Adams, Kevin Costner and Diane Lane as Jonathan and Martha Kent, Antje Traue as the secondary villain Faora, and plenty of shots of Henry Cavill as the new boy in blue.

Further, as /Film notes, the film is jammed with action, which should satisfy fans who felt let down with the more ponderous, less slam-bang Superman Returns:

Based on footage EW has seen, the film (which was directed by Zack Snyder and shepherded by Christopher Nolan) has plenty of building-smashing, train-slinging, heat-vision-blasting battles to cut through the emotional heaviness. “You want to give the audience great spectacle. You want them to go to the movie, be eating their popcorn and be like, ‘Wow!’” saysMan of Steel producer Chuck Roven, who also worked on The Dark Knight trilogy. “But it’s just not good enough to give them the ‘Wow.’ You want them to be emotionally engaged. Because if you just have the ‘wow,’ ultimately you get bludgeoned by that and you stop caring.”

EW as notes a fairly significant spoiler in that kryptonite will not make an appearance in the film whatsoever, as Snyder decided it would be too cliché, and “not a very relatable trait.”  Rather, Superman’s weakness will now be his “inability to fit in the world.”  Moreover, the origin story has also been tinkered with–in Man of Steel, the children of Krypton are genetically engineered to grow into something specific (scientist, explorer, etc); however, Kal-El (a.k.a., Superman), was a natural conception, meaning he is free to choose his life’s direction, making him rather infamous amongst other Kryptonians like Zod.

Man of Steel is set for a June 14th release date.

What do you think of the Man of Steel news?

Source:  /Film