Filmmaker Christopher Nolan may be the king of Warner Bros when it pertains to their DC comic book movies, but that doesn’t mean every single comic book adapted film coming out of that studio will have his stamp on it. There’s been rumors flying around for months that Christopher Nolan could have his hand in the Justice League pie, but it turns out they were only that–rumors.

The rumors were finally shot down by Warner Bros president Jeff Robinov. When addressed with the question, Robinov gave a flat out no for an answer. Still, at least he had some nice things to say about Zack Snyder and Nolan’s collaboration on creating the new Superman film:

“It’s setting the tone for what the movies are going to be like going forward, In that, Man of Steel is definitely a first step. Nolan’s Dark Knight series was deliberately and smartly positioned as a stand-alone. The world the films lived in was very isolated, without any knowledge of other superheroes. What Zack and Chris have done with this film is allow you to really introduce other characters into the same world.”

Let’s look at the good and the bad of this rumor being put to rest. The good thing is that Christopher Nolan won’t be committed to another comic book movie, meaning that we’ll be seeing him direct more original works in the near future. That should make many Christopher Nolan fans happy. At the same time, it means that the chances of him coming back to take on another DC property, especially something along the Batman line, is slim to none. Now we know that not everybody is the biggest fans of The Dark Knight Rises, but what Nolan was able to do with that story is a lot better than some of the other comic garbage that’s cropped up here and there within the past few years. At least he built a solid, gritty universe where you would believe a vigilante would try to fight crime in a slightly absurd-looking outfit.

At the same time it’s not like Warner Bros is out of the superhero movie making business. We’re just a couple of months away from the release of their latest Superman movie, and they’re still heavy in development over making Justice League a reality. That should keep plenty of DC comics fans plenty happy for the time being.

Do you think Christopher Nolan should make more comic book movies? Why or why not?

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