Out of all of the X-Men that exists in the Marvel comic and movie universe, the one everybody’s the most enamored with is Wolverine. Lucky for them they’ll be able to gaze at the live-action version of the adamantium-filled mutant in James Mangold‘s The Wolverine. The filmmaker decided to spoil X-Men fans some more with brand new behind the scenes pictures of the fake Japan in Australia. It still makes us giggle knowing that most of this was shot over there.

Now we know that Mariko Yashida (played by Tao Okamoto) has a key role in the movie, but we haven’t seen much of her. She’s supposed to eventually hook up with Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), like she does in the comics, so we’re not entirely certain as to how far their relationship will go. And who’s big funeral is this that we keep seeing in the trailer and in these pictures below? If we had to guess, we would assume it’s none other than the head of the Yashida clan. They show him looking completely sickly during the first trailer, so that wouldn’t be too surprising.

Twentieth Century Fox, if you’re reading this, could you dish out a picture of the Silver Samurai soon? We want to see what he looks like in full garb, throwing Wolverine across Japan. We also would like to see the energetic Yukio in action some more, just because we know that her character is one of the best fighters in this universe. Now I’ll be quiet so you can check out the new pictures below.

What are you looking forward to seeing the most in The Wolverine?

Source: Slashfilm