Man, it’s been taking Marvel awhile to go ahead and figure out when they’re going to finally insert Black Panther into their movie universe. They’ve been talking about bringing the character into the fold and giving the superhero his own movie, but nothing’s really happened on that front aside from script development, until today. There may be a particular actor that Marvel has their eye on to play the Wakanda character.

Insert Morris Chestnut, the supposed top candidate to play Black Panther who  is rumored to be appearing in Marvel’s The Avengers 2. His face is a familiar one, mainly because he’s been part of a variety of films and television shows throughout the span of his career. Recently we saw him in Kick-Ass but he’s most noted for his role in Boyz n the Hood. He’s a fantastic actor and it would make sense that Marvel would go ahead and try to hire a seasoned actor who could best portray the hero. But here’s the thing; Chestnut has not been confirmed to play Black Panther at all.

Then how did this all come about? Simple; the actor began posting on his Facebook and Twitter obvious hints that fans better get better acquainted with Black Panther. Once he said that, fanboys and fangirls alike began buzzing with anticipation thinking that Mr. Chestnut may in fact be our leading man for the Black Panther movie. Unfortunately all of the posts have been taken down, but does that mean he could still get the job? We never know, but having him as the Black Panther would be a solid casting choice.

Who would you like to see play the Black Panther?

Source: Slashfilm