Showtime’s Dexter—an ongoing, blackly comic drama about a Miami PD blood spatter analyst who moonlights as a serial killer, albeit one with a twisted code: only kill other killers.  The series began promisingly enough, with the total sociopath Dexter struggling to learn how to “be a real boy” while keeping his murderous urges in check.  However, much like real serial killers, the series long ago began to spin out of control—season after season of heavy-handed and unnecessary voice-over narration (made redundant by James Remar pretty much repeating Dexter’s narration endlessly), contrived and obvious plotting, inanely ponderous and boring secondary characters and their myriad of needless subplots, Miami generating a new serial killer every year, and an overall lack of general relevance or freshness since about season four have all but killed whatever potential this series initially sparked.

One of the biggest issues of the series has been its tendency to hit the “reset” button—no matter what happens, no matter how close Dexter seems to be to getting got, the showrunners always hit the reset button at the end of the season in order to unnaturally extend Dexter’s life in order to make Showtime more money.  Now, however, the show is coming to an end—meaning that the endgame (i.e., Dexter finally getting caught—something that would have organically happened at the end of season two—is finally upon us).

The new teaser doesn’t give much beyond more wooden Michael C. Hall narration, but what he says is fairly relevant, warning that the series is going to end messily for Dexter.  Maybe the series will be able to right its wrongs and end on a high note, assuming there will be anyone with the patience to watch it to the end.

What do you think of the teaser?

Source: /Film