Jane Levy

Normally April is one of the weakest box office months of the year, as the season take a breath between the March hits and the big summer movies that start the first week of May. But not this year. The Evil Dead remake leads a crowded field of strong performers this weekend, and with Oblivion and Pain and Gain, we should see some modest hits this April.


Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 Evil Dead $26,000,000 $8,595 $26,000,000
2 G.I. Joe: Retaliation $21,100,000 (-47.9) $5,651 $86,663,000
3 The Croods $21,100,000 (-21.0) $5,440 $125,800,000
4 Jurassic Park 3D $18,247,000 $6,585 $18,247,000
5 Olympus Has Fallen $10,042,000 (-29.0)
$3,283 $71,116,000
6 Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor $10,000,000 (-53.8) $4,885 $38,383,000
7 Oz the Great and Powerful $8,171,000 (-30.2) $2,813 $212,767,000
8 The Host $5,239,000 (-50.6) $1,636 $19,665,000
9 The Call $3,500,000 (-28.9) $1,748 $45,481,000
10 Admission $2,054,000 (-36.5) $1,460 $15,373,000


Evil Dead exceeded expectations, and — in fact — outgrossed all of the previous Evil Dead films combined. The movie cost $17 Million to make (supposedly, the director mentioned publicly they had a long shooting schedule and mentioned $50 Million dollars), which means it should double that sometime this week (Wednesday/Thursday). We suspect the highest it can go is $80 Million, we’ll see how it play. Horror tends to fade fast. The Jurassic Park reissue was stronger than most by mixing a higher ticket price with a wave of nostalgia for the twenty year old movie. It should fade quickly, or at least that’s what Universal hopes for as they’ve got Oblivion coming shortly.

The Croods is hoping for a $200 Million-ish run domestically, and that’s still within grasp. Currently at $125 Million, if it keeps holding like this, it has a chance of playing into the summer and jumping that hurdle. G.I. Joe fell hard, but they will get over $100 Million next weekend, and though it may peter out around $130 Million, the film has already grossed $145 Million internationally, taking the film’s total to well over $200 Million. Which means that sequel talk this last week is very real.

All things considered, Olympus has Fallen is playing well in the face of competition and should limp close to a $100 Million finish, depending on how well it holds screens. The only one who gets really paid on a Tyler Perry movie is Tyler Perry, so his latest is probably in profit. As for the rest, The Call has proved to be a more popular film than you’d think, and The Host ate curb. Oz was a hit, and Admission makes Tina Fey‘s future in movies uncertain.

Reality Check: I thought that seasonally, the numbers would be much further down than they were. But seasons often don’t matter when it comes to the films. But I thought Evil Dead would exceed expectations and that The Croods would hold strong. So, you know, not terrible.

What did you watch this weekend?