Happy Endings-Bros Before Bros-Eliza Coupe, Damon Wayans,Jr., Adam Pally, Casey Wilson, and Elisha Cuthbert

Happy Endings is getting its groove back. “The Incident” focused on a fighting family and featured guest star RuPaul. Meanwhile, “Bros Before Bros” was about a battle of a bigger kind, with Andy Richter as Penny’s absentee father. 

The Players:

  • Directors: Ken Whittingham and Eric Appel
  • Writers: Erik Sommers and Jason Berger
  • Cast: Eliza Coupe, Elisha Cuthbert, Zachary Knighton, Adam Pally, Damon Wayans, Jr., Casey Wilson, Danny Mora, Andy Richter, Brad Grunberg, Kelly Jenrette, Alex Quijano, RuPaul Charles, John Gemberling, Fred Stoller, Irene Roseen

Episode Title: “The Incident/Bros Before Bros”

Max and Brad try to patch up a Kerkovitch sister battle, while Penny and Dave search for his stolen food truck. Penny reconnects with her estranged father. Max betrays Dave for his competitor’s attractive son.

The Good:

  • Winter’s Coming: When Max’s hairdresser dies and Dave’s barber makes them twins, Alex and Jane gift him their stylist. Krisjahn—played by the incomparable RuPaul sans drag—can fix a disastrous ‘do and reveal the Kerkovitch sisters many gripes about each other. Any decent beautician doubles as confidant, which gave Max enough information to spark a war that could deny Brad sex for weeks. Like any sibling rivalry talking it out amounted to Vaseline and broken pool sticks. Therefore, Brad and Max break into Jane’s eerily organized storage locker to find the key to the end of the last incident. Their surprisingly still living Nana and her Serbian sister dance forced them back together.  The fight was an easily crafted plot, but their hatred and random references, like Brad’s unacknowledged Game of Thrones quip made it worthwhile.
  • Homieo and Dudeliet: Dave’s nemesis The Brazilian, and his aptly named steak truck Rio De Ja Tasty, had the best end of any conflict. But before that, Max’s dirty pranks in Dave’s favor are ruined by his love for The Brazilian’s son.  They speak the same language—the one where, “We should hang out sometime,” means sex. Max told his lover Dave’s Wrigley Field marketing plan, sparking a street wide food fight of cinematic proportions. Like their literary predecessors, Max and his beau ended the war, but with a kiss instead of death. 
  • The Great Unknown: Planning a back up bunker wedding in case North Korea, “sacks up,” was important enough for Penny to consider, but picking someone to walk her down the aisle wasn’t. Alex prompted her to contact her dad Roy and when he shows up Jane is skeptical, but buying Penny her dream wedding dress won her over. Things move too fast  though when their relocating her reception and asking her fiancé to call Roy Dad in the span of a commercial break. Happy Endings handled their reunion with humor; their eventual bonding being because Roy took a tomato bomb for Penny during the food war. 

The So-So:

  • Ghost Truck: Getting an armoire to Penny’s requires the use of Dave’s truck. Unfortunately, when she leaves the key/security system (read: screwdriver) on the dashboard Dave’s livelihood is stolen. Finding the thief was easy since he was selling sandwiches in nearly the same neighborhood. His recipe was more pleasing to a slew of new customers and himself; making love to the meat is the spice of choice apparently. Watching Penny and Dave search for Steak Me Home Tonight wasn’t nearly as entertaining as learning Alex has, “muscle boobs from yay to nay,” from lifting mattresses for the family business. 

The Quotable:

  • “I could have sworn I was at her funeral. It was open casket!” —Penny
  • “Fat people and tiny instruments, you think they’re going to eat them and then they play them.” —Alex
  • Max: “Dude this new hockey game is awesome.” Brad: “Yeah, it’s so realistic it won’t let me create a black player.”


“The Incident” and “Bros Before Bros” was everything we’ve been missing. Now that we know Penny’s love of gay men stems from her father’s orientation, we have to keep this show on the air.

Rating: 9/10

Happy Endings airs Fridays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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