We already know that we’ll be seeing our fair share of mutants from two different timelines in Bryan Singer‘s monstrous movie X-Men: Days of Future Past. After he revealed the big picture that showed off our main list of mutants, many went under the assumption that we wouldn’t see any of them in full costume until production was nearly wrapped. Today Bryan Singer surprised fans all over the world with a brand new picture of our favorite cuddly blue-haired mutant.

In the X-Men comic book universe, Beast (aka Dr. Hank McCoy) was one of the first members of Xavier’s group of gifted youngsters. He was known for his incredible intelligence along with his physical mutant attributes that gave him the nickname of sorts. Technically Beast has been in three X-Men films, first appearing in a little cameo spot within X-Men 2. We know that Beast exists in the original story line but the image that’s revealed below shows X-Men: First Class actor Nicholas Hoult in full make-up as the furry blue creature.

Now I don’t mean to be rude but the make-up for Beast in X-Men: The Last Stand was far superior to that used in X-Men: First Class. Hoult appeared uncomfortable and the whole make-up job looked awkward on him. Hopefully they fixed up what didn’t work make-up wise with Beast in the first prequel and spruced it up for Days of Future Past. At least it looks like they lightened up his color of blue a little bit.


Are you looking forward to X-Men: Days of Future Past?

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