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When a movie is titled Hercules 3D, you know it’s going to be a dynamite piece of excellent entertainment, and not some hack-y action movie saddled with some kind of visual gimmick that forces filmgoers to pay extra for a ticket.  And when said film is also directed by master director Renny Harlin (A Nightmare on Elm Street 4, Die Hard 2, Cutthroat Island), you know you need just the right kind of actor to star, rather than just a standard attractive actor to put on Herc’s sandals.  All of which is why Twilight and The CW’s 90210 star Kellan Lutz will portray Hercules in the new film.

Hercules 3D, featuring Lutz in the role of the half-man, half-god, will focus on the relationship between Hercules and the human princess Crete, according to /Film.  Crete is in love with Hercules, but is engaged to his older brother.  So it’ll be kind of like an episode of 90210, but with Greek gods.  And togas.

Lutz is an interesting, unconventional choice to play the mythological figure, especially when compared to Brett Ratner’s Hercules film, which will star the gargantuan Dwayne Johnson as the classic hero.

Hercules 3D is set for a March 2014 release date.

What do you think of the casting news?

Source: /Film