It’s a little bit of a sad day for fans of the Fast & Furious series today. Director Justin Lin, the same guy who first helped launch the entire franchise, will not be returning to direct Fast & Furious 7. His answer as to why may surprise some of you.

Director Justin Lin has made it his career to handle high adrenaline action movies, which made him a perfect fit when it was time to take on Fast & Furious, better known as the fourth installment of the franchise. When the first movie became a hit, it spawned a series of sequels that made this franchise the most profitable one to come out in recent years. But when Justin Lin and company released Fast Five onto the masses, it was the start of a new phase for the series. It finally retained that enjoyable, over-the-top quality in action movies that so many of us have been craving recently but never got out of most big budgeted action flicks. Fast Five was the answer to our adrenaline junkie prayers, and naturally Universal Pictures took advantage of the renewed wave of popularity by bringing Lin back on for Fast & Furious 6.

So what exactly happened to Justin Lin that’s preventing him from taking on Fast & Furious 7? The director argues that there isn’t enough time to prep and make a high quality movie out of the announced sequel. That makes sense, especially considering that he’s still heavy under post-production, making sure everything will be right for Fast & Furious 6 when it’s out in theaters on May 24th. At least we’ll be treated to some action delight in over a month’s time. For now, Universal Pictures is on the hunt for a director to fill up the now empty director’s chair.

Who would you like to see direct Fast & Furious 7?

Source: Slashfilm