With Anchorman: The Legend Continues one of the most anticipated films of the year, it’s going to be hard to keep a lid on some of the film’s secrets. Like who’s coming back in small parts, and who’s cameo-ing (we’re not talking about someone like Harrison Ford, who looks to have a meatier role). So, if you want to know about three cameos, read on. If not, we understand.

The Hollywood Reporter found out that Nicole Kidman will have a role in the film. She, Will Ferrell and Steve Carell worked together on the remake of Bewitched (which tanked), so it’s good to know that that failure didn’t sour their relationship. Her role hasn’t been revealed, but THR also note that Luke Wilson and Vince Vaughn will also be returning for the sequel. They played rival anchors in the first film (and participated in the big anchorman brawl), and with their return grouped with Kidman’s, we’d guess she also plays a rival anchor.

It’s unfortunate that this film isn’t as under the radar as the first movie, because that anchorman brawl is a moment that came out of nowhere and brought in a lot of amusing cameos. It seems unlikely that director Adam McKay could pull that off here without it being spoiled beforehand, or at least spoiled on the internet.

Are you stoked on Anchorman 2?