Though The Hunger Games: Catching Fire won’t hit theaters until November 22, Lionsgate and everyone involved know their target market, and want to get them pumped for a film they can’t see for quite some time. And so the film will premiere its first teaser during the MTV Movie Awards. And, for now, we have a preview of that teaser.

This footage shows the backs of Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Elizabeth Banks, and ends on a close up of recent Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence. There’s not much here, all things, but it also looks to be the start of the movie, as the film seems to pick up shortly after the end of the first Hunger Games.

Francis Lawrence is directing the sequel , taking over for Gary Ross, and there are very high expectations for the follow up. It’s assumed that people love this franchise and that it’s the next Twilight. Considering the first film made over $400 Million at the box office, that could be the case. Regardless, the studio is already committed to making all three of the books in the franchise, with the third entry (the series’ conclusion) now split into two film for maximum profit.  But thought it feels like Jennifer Lawrence is a movie star now, this year has seen a number of films that adapt young adult fiction with female protagonists bomb (Beautiful Creatures, The Host). So either interest in the genre has gone away, or audiences only like what they like, and they’ll stick around for the next three movies. We’ll know for sure when Catching Fire hits theaters November 22.

Does this get you pumped for Catching Fire?