Over the weekend, ScreenCrave traveled to Anaheim to cover WonderCon 2013. While there, we chatted with star Drew Roy (read his interview) and executive producer Remi Aubuchon. Aubuchon told us about next season’s time jump, new aliens and Hal’s transformation.

Will season three pick up where season two ended, or will there be a time jump?

Remi Aubuchon: There’s gonna be a time jump.

How long? 

Remi Aubuchon: Seven months.

Why seven months?

Remi Aubuchon: Seven months is only semi-arbitrary. There will be explanations as to why that is. Part of the practical reason is that if you remember Anne (Moon Bloodgood) is pregnant and we talked about it a lot but at the end decided that we really didn’t want to do a full season with Anne pregnant. We wanted to advance that story. Also, a lot of stuff happens in those seven months. I love the idea where it’s like, ‘Whoa! What happened? How did that happen?’ And have all that time of catching up to the story.

Right away at the beginning you can tell things have changed. The question that hopefully you’ll have is, ‘Why have things changed? These new aliens, did they change things? What’s the deal with Hal and his eye worm? How’s that affecting everybody?’ I think we allow the audience to catch up in a fun way and pretty quickly too. It just seemed like a great way to infuse another burst of energy into the show rather than start meeting the aliens, figuring out who they are and stuff like that.

The show uses a lot of bio-technology. There’s the harnesses and the eye worm that’s affected both Tom and Hal. Will that continue this season?

Remi Aubuchon: I think we will be increasing it more. [It's] one of the things that’s fun about bringing in another alien entity who are clearly very different — both technologically and physically different — than the Overlords that we’ve had before the Skitters. We introduce their technology, which is kind of fun, and wonder whether or not if that technology is compatible with ours. Also, are they our allies or are they just bringing in more craziness to catch us? We’re trying to figure all that out. But I think in terms of expanding the mythology of the Espheni and the Overlords and what their purpose is here, we’ll see a lot more of Karen (Jessy Schram) this season. In many ways, she’s almost the face of the enemy, which will help us understand them more.


Jessy Schram shot ABC’s Last Resort and Falling Skies simultaneously. How hectic was that?

Remi Aubuchon: We had quite a balancing act. Jessy, by the way is one of the nicest people in the world that you’ll ever want to meet. She’s such a trooper because they were literally flying her — she was on a flight from Hawaii to Vancouver and she did that four times. And would literally leave the set of Last Resort and get on a plane and do her Karen thing and then zoom back to Hawaii and do work. She’s great.

Those are both intense characters, how does she keep a pleasant demeanor?

Remi Aubuchon: She’s a trooper. She’s always got this great attitude. It’s infectious actually.

How hard is it to figure out what character to mess with? As you grow to love them, is it getting more difficult to put them through the ringer?

Remi Aubuchon: That’s the hardest thing in the world. I’m a nerd and almost everybody in my writers room is a nerd. We love sitting down and coming up with alien stuff and whatever. But finding out the characters and making their transition and transformation real and exciting is probably the hardest thing in the world. You know Hal’s a great character. He’s the boy scout of boy scouts he just seemed like a natural candidate to mess with. And Drew Roy just does an amazing job of turning evil as you can see in that last episode.

Falling Skies returns June 9 at 9 p.m. on TNT.