The first trailer for The Conjuring told the story from the perspective of the family, while the second and newest trailer tells it from the side of the paranormal investigators. That’s a neat trick for James Wan‘s film as you don’t get too much overlapping footage between them. But one thing you definitely get from both? Jump scares.

Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson star as a married couple who also investigate ghosts and hauntings and the like (real or fake), and they’re taken to the home of Lili Taylor and Ron Livingston, who are facing a very nasty haunting. Where the first trailer played a slightly more subtle game of reveals, this second trailer is more in your face about its tricks. Basically, there’s an unseen presence that likes to grab and throw people around. You know, for fun.

Films like this often work on two angles, one is the sense of unease that comes from not knowing when a spirit is going to do something, and the other is people’s belief systems. Or — that is to say — films like this are much scarier if you believe in ghosts. But a good horror movie works either way, and we hope this one delivers because it looks fun. We’ll know for sure when The Conjuring hits theaters July 19.

Did this trailer creep you out?