If you’re familiar with the particularly loud style that all of filmmaker Baz Luhrmann‘s movies are well known for, then you should expect nothing less from The Great Gatsby when it’s released a little over a month from now. The visually eye-popping movie rendition of the famous novel is inching closer towards its release date, which means we were overdue for some crisp new character posters.

When you take a glance at the six brand new characters posters below, it’s a little painful to see how incredibly gorgeous everyone looks. Another aspect of Baz Luhrmann’s style that’s obvious is how incredibly colorful every piece of the set and the costumes are. The fact that he has a stellar cast in the movie too already makes this picture seem a lot more vibrant than one would imagine that F. Scott Fitzgerald world to be.

The Great Gatsby has been sitting dormant in release purgatory for a little while. The movie was intended to come out during Christmas of last year, but at the last minute was yanked from the slot. Not only will audiences be treated to the movie in May but it’ll be out in eye-popping 3D. Baz Luhrmann’s films already pop out automatically, so adding 3D into the mix could either be a good or a bad thing. Audiences will have to judge whether or not that’s a good idea when the movie’s released in theaters nationwide on May 10th.

Will you see The Great Gatsby next month?

Source: Slashfilm