It’s no surprise that G.I. Joe: Retaliation topped the box office, it was going to make some money when it was released. The big thing for the movie is that it’s already popular overseas, where it made an additional $80 Million, and that puts its grand total near $130 Million (which is the reported budget). Which means Paramount absolutely did the right thing with the delay.

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 G.I. Joe: Retaliation $41,200,000 $11,078 $51,707,000
2 The Croods $26,500,000 (-39.3%) $6,519 $88,618,000
3 Tyler Perry’s Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor $22,300,000 $10,894 $22,300,000
4 Olympus has Fallen $14,000,000 (-53.9%) $4,507 $54,743,000
5 Oz: The Great and Powerful $11,605,000 (-46.2%)
$3,491 $198,278,000
6 The Host $11,002,000 $3,436 $11,002,000
7 The Call $4,800,000 (-46.1%) $1,968 $39,480,000
8 Admission $3,253,000 (-47.1%) $1,505 $11,759,000
9 Spring Breakers $2,758,000 (-43.2%) $2,000 $10,100,000
10 The Incredible Burt Wonderstone $1,300,000 (-69.9%) $825 $20,580,000

Besides G.I. Joe opening well, Tyler Perry’s back in his element and scored a nice win after the mediocre business of Alex Cross. Though the picture should end up around the $50-$60 Million mark, these films are done cheaply, and so that’s a nice win. As the only picture that features a mostly black cast in months, it points out that there is still a respectable audience for black-centric pictures. The problem is that these films rarely make any money overseas, so studios have been less likely to green light them. A sad truth.

The Host may have suffered from post-Twilight exhaustion as audiences loved Bella, but weren’t as crazy for this other story from Stephenie Meyer. The studio behind it didn’t act like it was the new hotness, and so audiences responded in kind. Olympus has Fallen will need international numbers to make a profit, but for what it is, it’s doing solid business. The Croods took a bit of a hit, but if it can level off at all, there’s still room for it to get near or over $200 Million. Oz will get over $200 Million for sure, and international is keeping pace with domestic, which means it will make money theatrically, but is no Alice in Wonderland.

Reality Check: I thought audiences might be tired of Tyler Perry (they weren’t) and I thought The Host would open a little stronger. Not bad. Not great. Eh.