It’s slightly painful but still exciting to see your main character struggle to prove his/her innocence in a high-octane thriller of sorts. You know from the start that they’re not guilty, but you follow them along the story as they try their best to wipe their name clean from whatever charge it may be. Unfortunately for Roadblock and the rest of his small crew in G.I. Joe: Retaliation, they must find a way to clear their name and save the world from the villainous Cobra group. In anticipation of the new movie, we’d like to point out some of our favorite films that share a similar theme with G.I. Joe: Retaliation.

5. My Cousin Vinny


Nobody wants to suddenly be arrested for the murder of a stranger they barely saw a short time ago earlier that day. When you’re shoved into a strange predicament like that, the only way you can possibly avoid getting thrown in prison is a great lawyer. In My Cousin Vinny, we deal with that exact situation as our lead character tries to prove his client is innocent and did not murder a helpless store clerk. This is probably the most humorous one in the bunch which received some Academy Award attention (for Marisa Tomei) at the time of it’s release. Still, it’s a good example of trying to clear one’s name in a court of law.

4. Double Jeopardy


Nobody ever wants to be framed for a murder, especially that of a loved one. When Libby (Ashley Judd) wakes up one morning to find herself covered with evidence showing that she’s killed her husband, her life is immediately turned upside down. She knows she didn’t do it and it makes it even more difficult to prove her innocence when she was found with the murder weapon at the scene of the crime. Years later, after she springs out of prison, Libby goes on her own to uncover the truth as to why she was framed for a murder she clearly didn’t do. In movies like Double Jeopardy, you never leave out money as a factor to an elaborate crime such as this.

3. Minority Report


It would be a strange world to live in if we were able to arrest people before they commit terrible crimes. In the case of Steven Spielberg‘s  Minority Report, our hero Tom Cruise is on the run for a crime that hasn’t even taken place yet. He weaves his way in and out of the futuristic society in order to clear his name. Naturally there’s a lot more going on with those higher in command that resulted in our lead character being pinned for a future murder, which concludes with an exciting chase sequence and the obvious big reveal. Minority Report‘s popularity slightly faded off over time but it’s still a fantastic film.

2. To Catch A Thief


There’s no way you can talk about crime thrillers without even mentioning a single Alfred Hitchcock film. To Catch A Thief is a perfect example of how difficult it is for people to trust you due to your troublesome past. In this case we’re referring to John Robie, a former burglar who’s gone clean. Unfortunately he’s pinned as the number one suspect in a series of burglaries that are happening across town. The next thing you know he’s on the run, trying to elude the police and hoping to capture the culprit that’s dragged his name through the mud. And let us not forget this is a thrilling film that stars the attractive and talented Cary Grant and Grace Kelly. Check it out immediately if you haven’t seen this yet.

1. The Fugitive


Come on, you just knew that this was going to end up on the list no matter what. When you think about movies centering on folks who are trying to prove their innocence, The Fugitive is normally on the top of everybody’s list. Why? Because it’s the perfect plot about a man wrongfully accused of committing a crime that’s got him on the run from federal agents. Harrison Ford‘s Dr. Richard Kimble tries to attack the man who’s killed his wife, but when he escapes and police come onto the scene it’s quickly realized that the small bit of evidence would point to him committing the murder. He escapes the police (led by Tommy Lee Jones) and continues to go on the run, desperate to figure out who is this stranger that turned his whole life upside down. The Fugitive is still considered as one of the most electrifying crime thrillers to come out in the 90s, and deserves to get the number one spot.

G.I. Joe: Retaliation is out in theaters now.