Every film is prone to receive certain final cuts for different reasons. Maybe the film is filled with a little extra nudity that can’t be shown on cable television, so they cut it out. But every once in awhile you’ll hear about an entire country randomly fixing up a film for strange reasons. This time Iron Man 3 will be tweaked by China and receive even more footage than what we’ll get out here in the States.

Some could argue that China will be receiving extra footage of Iron Man 3 because they were so kind enough to let them film out there. The least they can do is reward them by giving the Chinese audience some extra footage. At the same time there’s a great chance that nobody else outside of China will be able to see this. You’d think that the additional footage would be released to the public worldwide in some way, but that’s not always the case. Since Iron Man 3 is such a crazy popular property out here in the States that Disney/Marvel would be out of their mind not to show us the extra footage.

Not only did they film a significant amount of footage over in China but they have a couple of their best and brightest stars in the upcoming comic book film. Wang Xueqi and Fan Bingbing are two prominent Chinese actors who star in the movie. They apparently have bonus scenes that will be inserted into the Chinese cut. Iron Man 3 is out in theaters nationwide on May 3rd.

Do you think the bonus footage should be on the American DVD/Blu-ray?

Source: Slashfilm