BJ Novak Amazing Spider-Man 2

As superhero films and comic book adaptations continue their dominion over the domestic and international box office, we’re hit with a daily deluge of news items about the latest in comic book movie news.  To help make sense of it all, we’ve broken down some of the day’s bigger superhero news items into bite-sized bits for you.

  • BJ Novak joins The Amazing Spider-Man 2:  Director Marc Webb has been tweeting loads of teasers from his Spidey sequel, and the newest features an image of BJ Novak with the caption: “Day 38. A supposed rumor about a Dunder-Mifflin takeover of Oscorp?”  No word yet on who The Office writer/actor is playing, but it’s apparently an Oscorp employee.  [Source: Coming Soon]
  • Iron Man 3 Gets Gemini Armor:  Another in the long line of spoiler-y Iron Man 3 info, today we’ve got a picture of Iron Man 3’s “sub-orbital” iron suit.  Does this mean Tony will be heading into space (possibly as a prep for Guardians of the Galaxy?).  [Source: Cinema Blend]

Iron Man 3 Orbital Suit


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[Source: Cinema Blend]

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