Timothy Olyphant Justified

FX, the Basic cable channel that was made by The Shield and has developed some of the most interesting shows on the air, has just announced their new slate on top of announcing the renewals of some of their best shows. Justified, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The League and Legit have all been renewed, with the comedies moving to FX’s new spin-off comedy channel FXX in 2014. On top of that, they’ve just announced seven new shows, including one from Charlie Kaufman, one from Danny McBride, and one that’s a spin-off of the movie Fargo.

The Fargo show is more trying to replicate the tone of the Joel and Ethan Coen movie as it will feature none of the same performers, and won’t attempt to translate the movie into a season. Such suggests that it will follow a chipper woman, who may then remind people of Sarah Palin.

Charlie Kaufman’s new series is called How And Why. It’s about — as The Hollywood Reporter summarizes –  “the story of a man who can explain how and why a nuclear reactor works but is otherwise clueless about life.” Though he’s most famous for his scripts for Spike Jonze and Michel Gondry, Kaufman got his start in television, having written for the Chris Elliot show Get A Life, and The Dana Carvey Show.

Then there’s also the Danny McBride/Grant Dekernion show which follows a white rapper who just got out of prison and needs to make amends. That will also star Bobby Moynihan, Michael Pena, Hannibal Buress, Kathryn Hahn, Nick Swardson and McBride.

FX is also planning the new station, so they have a number of new “limited edition” programs in the work, including Mayflower, which looks at early life for English settler in America, Grand Hotel, about a terrorist attack on a foreign hotel, Mad Dogs, about four friends whose reunion turns dark, and Sutton, which is about Willie “The Actor” Sutton, an Irishman/folk hero and the most prolific bank robber in American history. Like we said, full slate.

What of these new shows are must watches for you?