Kick Ass 2

If you’re a young girl raised your entire life to fight crime and use guns and switchblades, is it going to be harder or easier to enter high school? That’s the question for Chloe Grace Moretz‘s Hit Girl in Kick-Ass 2, where she not only continues to fight crime, but may be joining the cheerleading squad.

And though this isn’t the first trailer for the movie (it’s an international trailer, though the way the internet works, what does that even mean any more?), it’s definitely the first one that’s got a great hook. Sure, Aaron Johnson, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Jim Carrey are also in the movie — and the previous trailer showed all of them — but this trailer showcases Hit Girl’s awkward journey into a different world, and it works that much better. Check it out:

This follow up was no done deal, as though the first film did reasonably well upon release in 2010, the filmmakers had to switch studios for the sequel. That also happened with Guillermo Del Toro‘s Hellboy sequel,  so it’s no sign of trouble. The big get of the picture was Jim Carrey, who was obviously a fan beforehand as he had dressed up as Kick-Ass to sing with Conan O’Brien. And it’s Carrey who just got his own poster for his character. Check it out.


Kick-Ass 2 opens August 16.

Are you down with Hit Girl in this trailer?