escape from new york

When rumors of an Escape from New York reboot began a few years ago, Gerard Butler was the actor being considered to star as Snake Plissken, the dark anti-hero originally and indelibly portrayed by Kurt Russell.  At the time, Russell stated the casting wouldn’t work as Snake, a quintessentially American character, needed an American actor.  Fast forward to this month, in which Empire featured an interview with Russell, who reiterated that an Escape reboot needed both an actor who was American, and young:  “If you’re going to do him, do him young. He’s one of those guys…When it comes to Snake, I can tell you one thing… he’s American. It’s really important that he’s American” (Russell was 29 when New York was filmed).  So, of course, the two actors now being considered for the reboot are neither American nor are they that young.

/Film has it that Tom Hardy and Jason Statham are now both in the running the don the trademark Plissken stubble and eyepatch in Joel Silver’s reboot/origin tale/trilogy of the Escape franchise.

Both names seem a bit unlikely—while Statham has an OK-to-solid series of action films under his belt, he’s also 45, which is a little long in the tooth for what is supposed to be an origin story; further, Hardy, who is 35, is already playing a classic antihero lost in a dystopic future—Mad Max in Mad Max: Fury Road.  So, Snake fans, don’t start panicking just yet.

What do you think of the Escape from New York news?

Source: /Film