The Wolverine

As we near summer, one thing becomes very apparent about superhero movies: they are a comin’. Studios don’t let us forget it. Everyday we’re getting new photos, trailers, posters… you name it. Today, Wolverine director James Mangold released yet another teaser trailer; and Iron Man 3 debuted two new suits. We also got teased by Man of Steel scribe David Goyer about a major character that might or might not be in the movie.

  • Is Lex Luthor In Man Of Steel?: Man of Steel fans have been misguided into thinking that Lex Luthor won’t be in Zack Snyder‘s Superman movie. There’s been no hint that he’s the villain, so we’ve all just assumed that another bad guy would get the chance to shine. I Am Rogue asked screenwriter David Goyer why he decided to leave Lex out of the story, but to the journalists’ surprise, he told him, “I don’t think anyone has confirmed that we haven’t included him.” There were no followup questions to that major bomb of an answer. So there you go, Lex might be in Man of Steel after all. Or he might not. We’ll find out when Superman flies into theaters on June 14, 2013.
  • The Wolverine Gets A 20-Sec Teaser: Yesterday we got the first footage of The Wolverine in a 6-sec tweaser (Twitter video). Tomorrow we’ll get the full 2-minute trailer (as promised by the director). But as an appetizer, here’s a 20-second clip from MTV. Enjoy the tease!

[via CinemaBlend]

  • Iron Man Gets Two New Suits: Two new suits have been revealed from Iron Man 3. The movie’s Facebook page revealed the images as part of the “Armor Unlock” contest it is currently holding. Below we have the Mark XXXIII, or Silver Centurion, and there’s also the Mark XL, or Shotgun. Take a look.

[via /Film]

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