Breaking Bad

In a story that is equal parts surprising, funny, and absurd (kind of like an episode of Breaking Bad), an Albuquerque, New Mexico man broke into Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston’s Audi and stole a copy of one of Breaking Bad’s final episodes.

Breaking Bad is currently filming the last stretch of episodes of its fifth and final season in Albuquerque, and some fans are desperately rabid to know how the saga of Walter White—a high school chemistry teacher who grows increasingly sociopathic as he turns to methamphetamine production to support his family after his impending death from cancer—and one man actually got his hands on a final script.

It happened like this—Xavier McAfee broke the windows of Cranston’s Audi and nabbed the actor’s iPad and a copy of a script for a final Breaking Bad episode.  Though, in a move straight out of Breaking Bad, McAfee began publically bragging about the score, and word eventually got back to Cranston’s assistant.  The result?  McAfee was arrested.  The script, however, is still at large.

You can listen to Cranston’s 911 one concerning the robbery here.

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Source:  LAist