World War Z

One of the summer’s biggest question marks is Marc Forster‘s World War Z, which Paramount delayed from the end of 2012, into June 2013 and hired new writers to punch up/totally re-write the ending. Did they have enough good stuff to make all those reshoots (supposedly there were more recently) worth it? Perhaps. Check out the new trailer that plays up the global terror action.

Also there’s a new poster. Check it out:


That’s a striking — if nonsensical — image of what this film seems to be selling, which is the horde factor to these undead creatures. It’s not that they’re zombies so much as that there are now hundreds and thousands of killer people who seem to move fast. No slow moving zombies here. And so much of this new trailer plays more on the idea of global catastrophe than the standard zombie tropes. The film sells the apocalypse more than a zombie invasion. Here’s that new trailer.

Honestly, we hope the movie can overcome whatever difficulties it had on set to deliver a solid thriller for this summer, and it’s fun to see Brad Pitt do a big studio movie, which he seems to have been reticent to do in the past. Here, he’s forced to play in the Mark Wahlberg or George Clooney role, and perhaps that will give the film some juice to make it interesting. Or perhaps they just had a great opening, and needed to find their ending. Who knows. We hope it works. World War Z opens June 21.

Did this trailer get you pumped?