As we officially make our way into spring we find that the movies are getting even more action-packed. That means summer is right around the corner, and with that means the upcoming release of Iron Man 3Since we’re closer to the release means we’ll be seeing even more advertising on the superhero movie. And since Marvel is tied together with Disney, they pulled a clever marketing move on folks.

The first new bit of advertisement is in the form of a television spot. We’ve been seeing nothing but super serious trailers at this point for Iron Man 3, so watching a TV spot that’s a bit more lighthearted comes off as refreshing. Granted we know that the movie isn’t going to be all sugar canes and lollipops worth of happy action, but this is the first big summer movie that’s coming out in a little over a month so they need to sell it to all demographics. Then again this is Iron Man we’re talking about and it’s not like the movie franchise and comic book character has a shortage of fans from around the world.

Disney decided to surprise Marvel fans out there with the unveiling of their brand new Iron Man 3 themed monorail. Unfortunately this beauty is running over in Walt Disney World but maybe one of these days they’ll do the same for the monorails in Disneyland. Come on Disney, us southern Californian folks want a cool-looking Marvel monorail like this too! Check out the pictures and video below.

Are you going to see Iron Man 3 on opening day?

Source: Slashfilm