In an effort to collapse as many celebrity vocals as was humanly possible into one 3D CG film, Blue Sky has crafted Epic, which is exactly that—a self-consciously gigantic film about good vs. evil inside a forest and (because this is a children’s film) the prerequisite child/teen/target audience surrogate who is stuck in the middle.

Amanda Seyfried plays the teenage girl Mary Katherine, whose life takes a Honey, I Shrunk the Kids route when she gets zapped down to bug size and finds herself inside of a forest.  There, she meets a bunch of slugs, bugs, and little warriors (with voices from Colin Farrell, Christoph Waltz, Josh Hutcherson, Pitbull, Aziz Ansari, Beyonce Knowles, Steven Tyler, Chris O’Dowd, and Blake Anderson), while her dad (Jason Sudeikis) goes on the hunt to find her and restore her back to size.  And while she’s shrunk, Mary discovers  a wonderful world of nature that is about to be destroyed by a bunch of bad guys and darn it, don’t you just know she’s going to dig down and find strength she didn’t even know she had and help save the day:

If Epic feels familiar, it’s because the trailer seems cobbled together from a series of other CG fantasy and action films, but hey, who knows, it could be fun.  Or a way to keep your kids quiet for two hours.  Epic is set for a May 24th release date.

What do you think of the trailer?

Source:  /Film