Sony and Denzel Washington have been trying to get their movie version of The Equalizer going for a while now, and they’ve cycled through directors — from Drive‘s Nicolas Winding Refn to Rupert Wyatt — who’ve attached themselves and then bailed out. But they may have a winner with their latest choice: Antoine Fuqua, who’s coming off Olympus has Fallen and directed Washington to Oscar victory in Training Day.

There’s nothing studios like more than a reunion of people who’ve had success in the past (which is why we’ve seen so many Russell Crowe films directed by Ridley Scott), and it also makes the marketing easier because they can say “from the people who brought you Training Day.” It’s a win-win that way.

But more than that, Fuqua is a proficient but uneventful director who seems like the sort who has no problem coming in late in the game and directing with competence. As Deadline Hollywood notes, Sony is looking to start shooting the film in the next couple of months, and because Fuqua showed he could deliver a rushed production like Olympus has Fallen (which was put together quickly to beat the Channing Tatum-led White House Down to the theaters), it seems likely they’ve found someone who can deliver this film on time and under budget.

Have you seen the original TV show The Equalizer?